Salford mid 2015…….. Jon and Neil, having had a brush with musical success in the mid 90’s are lamenting the current state of British rock music.

Where are the bands these days who can demonstrate a strong connection with the greats like The Hollies, The Byrds or Love? Where are the bands who put strong song writing, great melodies, accomplished guitar playing and classic three and four part harmonies at the centre of their sound.

Sadly, the two of them agreed, these kinds of bands are few and far between. What do two life-long music lovers reach for when they need a fresh burst of new music, a sound crafted in the timeless way of the classic pop rock sounds of the 60s and 70s?

Not a lot out there to reach for.

So, in the true spirit of two hard grafting Salfordians, the decision was made to form The Cyrcles………………..

Over the next 12 months, Adam, Michael, Mark and Richard were recruited to make up the voices, drums, guitars and strings. Jon and Neil got to work, writing a body of work.The ambition being to create a sound that whilst fresh and new, would represent and carry the flag for some of the great psychedelic and pop music that has gone before us.

Each member of the band fully was encouraged to bring to the collective their individual influences, styles and preferences. The creative process began. Repairing back to a basement studio in deepest, most musical Salford, the band began to put together a body of work that would represent everything they stood for musically. Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of artists and styles along the way.

Throwing in a bit of the genius of Brian Wilson, a touch of the technical inspiration applied by George Martin and encouraging each other to stamp their individual musical journeys, the sound began to take shape.

Every single word, and note is created by the band members themselves. Where needed, they reach out and recruit sax players, violin players,  sitar players. In fact any additional instrument that would allow them to perfect that sound they are going for.

The creative process saw the band master a combination of classic recording techniques. Blending old school techniques with the most modern, cutting edge technology to perfect their sound. Sticking to their traditional recording values in the main but being open enough to understand when the latest technology would deliver the better end product.

With a sets worth of sounds under their belt, in mid-2017, they took the sound out on the road, playing a few festivals and gigs around the UK.  Using audience and venue owner feedback and at the same time, drawing on their historical connections in the music business to act as earpieces and mentors to fine tune the sound.

The result, a stunning, classic pop sound. Packed with clever lyrics, beautiful harmonies and expert playing.

From Salford with love…………………..