Images from G-Fest

We were buzzing to have been asked to open the G Fest at the Waterside earlier this month. It was our first run out as a 5 piece and our first live set to include the Cello.

We ran through a set of our favourite songs for doing live and we were really pleased to see the reaction from the crowd to our sound.

Set list below:
Open Your Eyes
My Mind Explodes
Rosemary Knows
Someone Like You
When The Loving Begins
Green Eyes
Turning To Blue
It”s All Gonna Work Out Fine


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Re imagining

As we go into the studio to record our first single – Its All Gonna Work Out Fine, it gives us a chance to play around with some sounds.

One of our great passions is to take the music of our heroes and re imagine it. Give creative thought to what might have been had different influences or themes been around at the time.

We are working on one at the moment, a well known piece by Graham Nash of The Hollies, then Crosby Stills and Nash.

Got a feeling its going to be great. Can’t wait to have you onboard with it………..