Salford Arms – 25th Aug

Another great night at our very own Theatre of Dreams with the latest installment of the Rabid warm up tour. Alongside us on the bill were Crude Oil and Physical Wrecks. Everyone was in great form and we got our usual warm welcome from Ken his staff and everyone who attended.

There was even an inpromptu singalong in the beer garden afterward which has given us a few ideas.

Watch this space.

We are playing G Fest

Summer feels like it is here and the gigs are coming around quickly. Come and join us at G- Fest on July 7th. A great line up of bands on the day. We are scheduled to be on around 6.00pm.

Its our 2nd year playing here. Steve, Dave and the guys do a huge amount of great work for the charity. Really excited to be playing to a home crowd as well.

There is even a link here to a discount on your ticket


Barnaby 2018

Back to the place we love the best. On stage! It was a great pleasure to open up Saturday nights entertainment on the music stage at the Barnaby Festival 2018 in Macclesfield.

The set up was great and despite the weather being a bit moody in the afternoon the sun came out on cue for our (slightly shortened) set.

Richard and Natalie, our now regular string section absolutely smashed it, their addition is only adding to that Cyrcles sound.  Check out our facebook page for more summer gigs



Sssh, we’re recording

Hot on the heels of our brilliant news a few months back that we have been signed up to iconic Manchester record label Rabid, we are getting busy in the studio on our ep.
The aim is it will be a classic 4 track ep that will showcase the bread and diversity of our sound.
The planning for the ep started back in December when we went into the studio for the first time. We got the drum tracks for our 4 songs down over a weekend then took a well deserved rest over Xmas before beginning to lay over the other sounds.
We are hopeful that we are on track for a getting the final mixes down in May so its ready to support our summer tour.
The tracks are sounding great, we are experimenting with a lot of new sounds and techniques that is only adding to our overall sound and we are hugely, hugely proud that all the effort we have put in is really paying off.
The other massively interesting thing is that the recording process has brought us into contact with a huge range of other artists all of whom leave a certain signature on the way they play our music.
Its been a real trip so far and we can’t wait for it to be released.

We’ve been signed

rabid logo
Great news. We are hugely pleased to announce we have been signed up to a record label. Rabid Records, an iconic Manchester label from the classic era of music has been re born and re imagined.
The Cyrcles are hugely proud to be one of the first acts to be signed by the label.
The vision for Rabid Records is to put together a stable of artists who all have very distinctive sounds but a common theme in that they represent Manchester and the North West, something that was very close to the heart of Rabid in its original form.
Commenting on the signing Jon Breward, lead singer of The Cyrcles said “Signing to such an iconic Manchester label like Rabid is a dream come true for us. Th original Rabid was very much focused on punk, the reimagined label takes a lot of those punk sensibilities that made it so admired and uses them for the modern age”
“Our aim now is to press ahead with a our planned debut ep, and throw our full support behind Rabids plans for a tour in the spring summer of 2018.
You can read a bit more about the history of Rabid here

Images from G-Fest

We were buzzing to have been asked to open the G Fest at the Waterside earlier this month. It was our first run out as a 5 piece and our first live set to include the Cello.

We ran through a set of our favourite songs for doing live and we were really pleased to see the reaction from the crowd to our sound.

Set list below:
Open Your Eyes
My Mind Explodes
Rosemary Knows
Someone Like You
When The Loving Begins
Green Eyes
Turning To Blue
It”s All Gonna Work Out Fine


Photo 01-07-2017, 16 59 46

Re imagining

As we go into the studio to record our first single – Its All Gonna Work Out Fine, it gives us a chance to play around with some sounds.

One of our great passions is to take the music of our heroes and re imagine it. Give creative thought to what might have been had different influences or themes been around at the time.

We are working on one at the moment, a well known piece by Graham Nash of The Hollies, then Crosby Stills and Nash.

Got a feeling its going to be great. Can’t wait to have you onboard with it………..