Sssh, we’re recording

Hot on the heels of our brilliant news a few months back that we have been signed up to iconic Manchester record label Rabid, we are getting busy in the studio on our ep.
The aim is it will be a classic 4 track ep that will showcase the bread and diversity of our sound.
The planning for the ep started back in December when we went into the studio for the first time. We got the drum tracks for our 4 songs down over a weekend then took a well deserved rest over Xmas before beginning to lay over the other sounds.
We are hopeful that we are on track for a getting the final mixes down in May so its ready to support our summer tour.
The tracks are sounding great, we are experimenting with a lot of new sounds and techniques that is only adding to our overall sound and we are hugely, hugely proud that all the effort we have put in is really paying off.
The other massively interesting thing is that the recording process has brought us into contact with a huge range of other artists all of whom leave a certain signature on the way they play our music.
Its been a real trip so far and we can’t wait for it to be released.